Spring 2017 was marked by the new stage of the VDNH (he Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy) history in Moscow.
The key object of the exhibition is the “Cosmos” pavilion, and created there the “Cosmonautics and Aviation” center, which is a unique world-class exposition and educational platform. That fact makes VDNH the most modern museum, educational, entertainment and park complex in the world.
And our company has made a significant contribution to the creation a large-scale project – a center “Cosmonautics and Aviation”.  Our task was to create 24 games which would help to immerse the visitors of the exhibition into the space subjects.

Games correspond to three sections of the exhibition:

“KB-1. Space Boulevard “, dedicated to the achievements of Russian cosmonautics in the 20th century, where models of space vehicles are presented. Here, players can test their knowledge, as well as become a participant of the historical events associated with the exploration of the outer space.

“KB-2. Design Department”. The second section focuses on research in the field of medicine, biology, astronomy, and geology in the space domain, and we provided our players with an opportunity to learn more about the research of the various space objects, about the pros and cons of human activities, and human capabilities in space.

“KB-3. Cosmodrome of the Future ” pays attention to the modern space exploration and new technologies that will lead to a new milestone in the space development, bring our world closer to dreams of futurists and science fiction writers. Time traveling, creating of your own planet or an entire planetary system – for those who want to touch the future world, nothing is impossible!

For several months, a team of developers, managers, game designers, artists, and testers worked on the project. The result of their meticulous work is the games that attract visitors of all ages. Puzzles, races, quizzes, arcade shooters, strategies – we tried to please fans of all genres.

Participation in such an extraordinary project has opened our company a new development path. We hope that in the future we are waiting for more cultural and educational projects.
And for now, we invite all interested in cosmonautics and aviation to the Pavilion No. 34 Space at VDNH.